Jeddah Airport Rant

1 minute read

Jeddah Airport: Possibly the worst airport

Recently I flew out of Jeddah and even though I knew that it is ranked quite badly I wanted to see if the rumors were true. Now I can safely say that they are!!

The flight information panels are extremely bad with information limited to only next 10 flights. Baggage check-in is haphazard to say the least. There are no seats in the area. There is very limited concept of lines or discipline and airport staff does little to improve the scenario. People are often carrying unreasonable amount of baggages making the check-in lines slow. I was lucky enough to get an almost free counter so I didn’t have too much trouble checking in.

Next comes the immigration. If you are lucky to get an immigration officer that is doing his job instead of walking around with no regards to the fact that there are people waiting for him then you are lucky and you will go through it pretty quickly.

But now comes the major test of patience the security check. The north terminal through which I traveled has only 4 possible counters. They are shared between separate queues of men and women. Women generally get priority. The queue is large for men, almost spilling out of the designated queue area. It often moves awfully slow because people forget to empty their pockets or take off the shoes etc. I think it took me more than half an hour to pass through it.

Now in the sitting area an alarm of some kind went off and then it kept on ringing for the next X minutes, giving me a headache