M. Bilal

Country hopping Ph.D. Student

About Me

I am a Senior Engineer in the MT Team at Unbabel, Portugal. I work on the system that serves MT inference. I am also wrapping up my Ph.D. on distributed systems and cloud computing from UCLouvain, Belgium and IST, Portugal. I am advised by Marco Canini and Rodrigo Rodrigues.
My research interests include but are not limited to Black-box optimization, Big data frameworks, large-scale distributed systems, cloud computing and machine learning.

If you want to see what I am reading and which books I recommend for you to read, check out this link.

Current Activities

  • Social Psychology (Coursera)
  • Leading People and Teams (Coursera Specialization)

Recent Learnings


  • Bachelors in Computer Engineering (2008-2012): COMSATS University, Islamabad Pakistan
  • Masters in Distributed Computing (2013-2015): UPC, Barcelona and KTH, Stockholm
  • Ph.D. in Distributed Computing (2015-2021): UCLouvain, Belgium and IST, Portugal

Experience and Internships

  • Senior Engineer (July 2021 - Present) @ Unbabel, Portugal
  • Research Engineer (May 2020 - Dec 2021) @ KTH, Sweden (Part-time)
  • Visiting Ph.D Student (Jan 2017 - May 2017 and Jan 2018 - May 2018) @ KAUST, Saudi Arabia
  • Research Intern (Feb 2015 - July 2015) @ Telefonica Research, Spain

Recent Publications

You can find links to all publications on my google scholar profile.